Issues with Discourse with profile auto-complete

I’m having some issues when tagging people on our instance of Discourse. Can you guys have a look and see what’s going on? @dmai @joaquin

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I am not sure exactly what/how tagging people and profile auto-complete.

I searched and found Comprehensive guide to Discourse tags, but nothing specifically regarding tagging people.

(PS - off topic, but tried out assign feature, assigned myself this)

Oh, assign feature is great! It also does some sort of random auto-assignment, right?

By tagging, I meant the @ of people. Like @joaquin. It seems to be working today. But yesterday, it wasn’t working as well; and still seems slower than usual.

This happens intermittently. I found these three behaviors:

  • Typing @ symbol and pausing until something appears, will generate a list.
  • Typing quickly at the beginning of a line has higher frequency to not generate a list of names.
  • Typing quickly after text, intermittently generates a list.

I’ll search through discourse, make a post on this topic, see if there is a solution. I suspect this is a rails/ruby issue, not something we can fix in our config. But then you never know, maybe there’s a solution that makes it work better, config-wise.

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This feature is called @mention. @mrjn: Is your issue similar to what I have found or different? Does the menu popup work, some names do not appear, while other names do appear, or something else entirely?

The closest I could find on the this issue was this discussion:

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PS This is the UI around mentions. New users only get 2 max, existing users get 10 max.


What I’m seeing is, if it doesn’t produce results for a name, then if you add more characters, it would continue to not produce any results. Then, you’d have to remove some characters, and then it would show the results. For e.g., if I type @userabc – nothing would show up, then I remove bc from the end, and it shows the results.

All this used to work perfectly before, I wonder if the upgrade caused some regression, or if we’re hitting some CPU limits or such on the machine.

CPU Utilization: 4% (tops at 12%)
I couldn’t reproduce with @userabc as there’s no user with user in the name.

I can get it to reproduce with @b, where I have to do @b<backspace>b to get a list. This shows six users. When I do a query using the API, I get 8 users, which seems odd.

curl -s -X GET "" -H "Api-Key: $API_KEY" -H "Api-Username: $API_USR" | jq '.[].username' -r | grep -i '^b.*'

I’ll follow up with Discourse…

Created this:

ka-ching, from Jeff Atwood:

There was a temporary regression on mention pop ups related to debouncing changes so be sure you update to latest.

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