Discus Find "feature" is rather pathetic

The Discus “feature” for catching CMD&F and offering find in this thread, is seriously bad.

Chrome’s find has 15 matches (and is convenient to use) while discus has
No results found.


I try to avoid searching, all together, in the topics page.

However discuss’s search works very well in the topics listing, from where you can jump to a topic hassle free.

P.S. Try searching for auth without @, as it seems to be reserved for user names!

Hi, and thanks… I did notice that you can get results for auth… but having that awkward find feature bound to the browser hot key is rather stupid (IMNSHO) if i actually want to search within the current thread, because then it brings me to a separate results page that only includes the occurrences for the page that i was already on (and i wanted to be able to see highlighted and jump to the next ones)

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We will be trialing different search engines, including one written on top of /graphql (written by yours truly). The search experience will slowly improve over time I suspect.

Which reminds me . What’s the status of the slash GraphQL based search ? When can we switch to it, @chewxy

Also. We should be able to turn off capturing ctrl F.

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not much was done last week due to Graphql in Space. EoW this week I suspect.