Linköping GraphQL Benchmark (LinGBM)

hello ,
does anyone have any idea if it is possible to benchmark dgraph with Linköping GraphQL Benchmark (LinGBM)?

I think nobody knows, but in theory YES. As this looks like a GraphQL server benchmarking. So you could potentially run it against any GraphQL server(like Dgraph’s). The point now is to discover how.

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i am wondering if the benchmark is testing only graphql performace or dgraph performace as a database or both as one package?.

Since the GraphQL API is part pf the core in Dgraph and not a layer slapped on top of a database, it would seem to be testing Dgraph from the GraphQL perspective. You cam’t really separate the two in Dgraph like you can in every other implementation.

A GraphQL bench would never give you precise values of the DB itself. Cuz there are other things in the middle. I think a truly bench for Dgraph should be in DQL. And there are certain configurations to bench it. Like, a single Alpha Cluster, multi-alpha cluster with or without HA, using balancing strategies. And so on.

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Does anyone know if i can import a graphml-format file into dgraph? that would be very helpful thanks in advance

Nope. You have to export and treat the that before sending to Dgraph.