Looking to create simple command-line document manager - dgraph the right tool?

Hi folks, I am wondering if dgraph is the right tool for the following (if so, are their templates available?)

I would like to have a command-line interface for a simple project manager - be able to add documents to various projects (some documents will belong to multiple projects), then link/associate files, add tags to documents etc.

Not sure, it is possible, but not sure how good it would be using Dgraph for such a task.
I don’t know any project similar to yours. There are projects that use Dgraph in a detection tool. It is called Grapl. Is the only application that I know of that uses Dgraph for a different purpose.

Dgraph was meant to run on the cloud. To be a Graph DB of cloud applications. The way it runs, I’m not so sure if it would fit as a CLI source of truth. But it works as it is just a DB.

I know that several projects out there uses Badger (Dgraph’s “motor”). projects using badger - I think Badger would be better for a CLI.

I think dgraph is better than badger for the

the command-line interface is nothing different with a Web-API.
just write some function and gql-query,it’s easy in nodejs using commander - npm

save the code as spm

#!/usr/bin/env node

var app = require('commander');

  .description('list projects')
  .action(function() {
    console.log("this is list running")
    // dgraph jsclient do query then return
        listprojects(func: type(Project)){


chmod +x spm
then ./spm list

so, you just need to focus on the business logic of your simple project manager.

Welcome @rhaynes74,
I would recommend that you review linked data platforms. It will allows you to use REST semantics to store and retrieve any information including binaries. There are open source implementations like Apache Marmotta, although I am not sure how many implementations are in Production.
Dgraph works well with hierarchical information (multi-level projects, linked assets etc.) and is quite scalable. However, we don’t have any precedence of Dgraph being used in this way, and no templates at this time either.