Many different flags for Alpha on the Master branch that differ from the Tag branches

Vlog files use lots of disk space, when I learned that the Master has a fix for this. you set the value log threshold to 1MB in Badger by default. When I tried to package the master version to solve the problem of vlog taking up too much space, I found that there are many different alpha exposed parameters on the master and tag branches, such as whitelist and ludicrous_mode. What should I do?

@llooper-dev you don’t have to worry about these flags. For normal use cases, the default values of these flags are enough. Like whitelist makes sense for clients who want to control from which IPs, admin operations can originate or ludicrous mode is for clients who don’t want transactional guarantees.

You can package master and ignore these flags. If you are having trouble package master, dgraph/master image with the latest master commit is also available.
Just an additional note, many flags representation have been changed in master. You won’t find the updated documentation in our docs. So you might need to refer the new format via dgraph alpha --help command. We will soon be documenting these.