Multiple condition or multiple filter?


i do not understand the different between having:

func: eq(field, "value") 


func: eq(field, "value") @filter(eq(field2, "value"))

why do we have separate func eq from @filter?

second, how do i add more than 2 filters? third filter or more?
and how do i combine filters as OR condition?
and how do i do or condition for 2 column only?

3rd, i know orderasc: value works for 1 column, but how do sort by 2 columns or more?

thank you

Neither one nor other. The function in Root is just a search. The @filter itself is a filter and filters can use any existing function in Dgraph.

Using connectives
Connectives you could consider as multiple conditions.

What do you mean by column?

ah, I get it about column! But not sure what you want. Check the Connectives link above and lets see.

Also Check our tour


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Wow thank you michel,

sorry i couldnt find any on this topic in google nor in forum

I will look into the doc :slight_smile:

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Don’t be, I’m glad to help. But in fact the Docs are prime source for understanding Dgraph.


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