Switching the order of the `func` and `@filter` provides different results (v1.1.1)

I am using graph v1.1.1 and got a weird behavior. Switching the order of the func and @filter providers different results

query(func: eq(a, "true")) @filter(eq(b, "b")) {}

Gives 0 matches.

query(func: eq(b, "b")) @filter(eq(a, "true")) {}

Gives the expected 2 matches.

Maybe this is the cause?

Heads up, this also happened to me with v20.03.0. Now working with v20.03.3, hopefully it wont happen.

Hi @Pepo, thanks for reaching out to us. I am getting the correct matches for both queries with v1.1.1.

Can you please tell us few things which would guide us towards helping you.

  1. Are facing this always or sometimes?
  2. Steps to reproduce this issue.
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I am not sure how to reproduce the issue easily. It’s a big schema and you need to run a web application and other services to fill the DB to the point it usually fails. Would you like to do this?

This issue was fixed in v20.03.1 and later by PR #5255.