Optimize memory usage for mobile

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Posted by C-ollins:

What version of Go are you using (go version)?

$ go version
go version go1.13.6 darwin/amd64

What operating system are you using?


What version of Badger are you using?


Does this issue reproduce with the latest master?


What Badger options were set?

opts.LevelSizeMultiplier = 10
opts.TableLoadingMode = options.FileIO
opts.ValueLogLoadingMode = options.FileIO
opts.MaxLevels = 2
opts.MaxTableSize = 32 << 20
opts.NumCompactors = 1
opts.NumLevelZeroTables = 1
opts.NumLevelZeroTablesStall = 2
opts.NumMemtables = 1
opts.BloomFalsePositive = 0.01
opts.BlockSize = 4 * 1024
opts.SyncWrites = false
opts.NumVersionsToKeep = 1
opts.CompactL0OnClose = false
opts.KeepL0InMemory = false
opts.VerifyValueChecksum = false
opts.MaxCacheSize = 20 << 20
opts.ZSTDCompressionLevel = 1
opts.Compression = options.None
opts.ValueLogFileSize = 50 << 20
opts.ValueLogMaxEntries = 100000
opts.ValueThreshold = 15
opts.LogRotatesToFlush = 1

What did you do?

Based on my comment, I’ve done some tweaking to badger config + some ideas I found while searching through some issues and I’ve been able to reduce the amount of time the app stays frozen. The app does a bunch of writes while downloading blockchain data and it’s usually going normally till I get this log

07:54:04 DEBUG: Storing value log head: {Fid:0 Len:30 Offset:77385529}
07:54:04 DEBUG: Flushing memtable, mt.size=40444755 size of flushChan: 0
07:54:06 INFO: Got compaction priority: {level:0 score:1 dropPrefix:[]}
07:54:06 INFO: Running for level: 0
07:54:07 DEBUG: LOG Compact. Added 492163 keys. Skipped 0 keys. Iteration took: 886.757475ms
07:54:07 DEBUG: Discard stats: map[]
07:54:07 INFO: LOG Compact 0->1, del 1 tables, add 1 tables, took 1.104381668s
07:54:07 INFO: Compaction for level: 0 DONE

Then it slows down from saving ~4000 block headers per second to about 2000 block headers every 5 seconds. It gets to 290k blocks then freezes the app indefinitely. I’ve been able to reduce this freeze time to ~2minutes by using the options I added above. I’m not sure of what data is being saved that triggers the freeze every time at 290k blocks but this wasn’t occurring when I used these options with v1.5.4 release. My major problem with my v1.5.4 implementation is that it usually runs out of memory and panics instead of returning an error.

Here’s a log I took while the when the speed dropped slow writes - Pastebin.com, you can see the time stamp difference for the connected blocks before and after the badger log came in.

jarifibrahim commented :

Hey @C-ollins , I will look into this. Unfortunately, we don’t run badger tests for mobile. It could be possible that the slowness and the freezing are because of some system call that is not compatible. Would it be possible for you to run badger on linux computer and run you load against it? If badger works slow on your computer or if it freezes then I can fix it right away.

Please do try out badger on a computer and let me know how it goes. If badger works fine on a computer and faces issues only on the mobile app, it could be related to some system calls. Either way, running badger on a computer will help us narrow down the problem.

stale commented :

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This seems to config badger for low memory environments.

Might help ?