Package Flutter/DGraph not RUN!


I’m currently developing on Flutter/Dart, and I want to integrate the Dart/DGraph package.

When integrating, I encounter a problem below, do you have any idea of where the problem may come from.

Under Dart, unfortunately, this is the only package that exists apparently!

Is there another solution?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Error Message:

gRPC Error (13, grpc: error unmarshalling request: proto: wrong wireType = 2 for field StartTs)

My code:

// Run a query
String query = """
query all (\ $ a: string) {
   all (func: eq (name, \ $ a)) {
  api.Response response = await txn.QueryWithVars (clientContext, query, {"\ $ a": "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope"});

Is it open source? (Is it this one?

Do you have a model for StartTs?

You can perfectly use the Dgraph’s HTTP API.

Any HTTP package works fine. Dio, HTTP or whatever.

thank you for your exchange.

Yes it is an open source.

I wanted to do an end-to-end POC using the DGraph STARTED examples and I hang on the connector using the gRPC

In solution: I try to go through HTTP.

Thank you again for your exchange.

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