Persisting and re-distributing GraphQL APIs

Hello! I have a GraphQL API. I want to persist the results it can deliver, for a set of predefined queries. This in turn I want to expose over GraphQL. Any ideas for how to accomplish this?

The idea is to make a time series archive of an existing service. And no, I do not want to do this in the underlying datastores that the original API queries, but rather on top (this allows me to keep the same schema in the archive, which is very useful).

Similar to GitHub - Akryum/graphql-migrate: 🔀 Instantly create or update a SQL database from a GraphQL API schema or GitHub - charlieschwabacher/gestalt: Use the GraphQL schema language and a small set of directives to define an API with a PostgreSQL backend declaratively, really quickly, and with a tiny amount of code. but based on dgraph.

The idea is: The datastore is a graph and can adapt to a GraphQL schema easily. It then has a timeseries aspect to it so I can persist the responses of a GraphQL source into dgraph without putting much work into defining a schema in dgraph (but still searchable, joinable, etc) and being able to search in time.

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