Planned release date for pydgraph v21

Experience Report for Feature Request

What you wanted to do

I would like to use multi-tenancy with pydgraph.

What you actually did

Tried to follow the v21.03 doc to use multi-tenancy with pydgraph and realised that the corresponding pydgraph version has not yet been released.

Why that wasn’t great, with examples


Any external references to support your case

None, just would like to know when pydgraph v21.03 will be released, thanks.

I believe @anurag released a new version of PyDgraph yesterday?

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Hey @chewxy, it is not out yet. I encountered a weird crash. Fixing it, will update it on the thread once it’s out.

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pydgraph v21.03 has been released.

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Please correct the doc:

Currently it says:
client.login_in_namespace(“groot”, “password”, “123”)

It should be:
client.login_into_namespace(“groot”, “password”, 0)

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