Dgraph Cloud Release August 10th 2021

:rocket: Hey all - We did a kickass release of Dgraph Cloud Today.

Key highlights -

  1. Cloud console support for Multi-tenancy :partying_face: - The most awaited feature is available now, you can create namespaces from UI directly. You can get started by visiting the Namespaces page under Admin section in the sidebar on the cloud console. Note - This feature is available for dedicated clusters only.
    For detailed documentation on how to enable multi-tenancy, you can view this freshly printed article with step-by-step instructions.

  2. Namespace level views :compass: - You can now quickly switch between namespaces and view/edit schema, lambdas. Also, you can query the namespace from GraphQL/DQL page directly without any additional steps.

  3. Select all checkbox :white_check_mark: in ACL group predicate list for easy access. Thanks to @RickSalmon for pointing out in the last release. We gotcha back :sunglasses:

  4. Fixes for minor UI bugs & enhancements.