Please set GPG signature for your Git commits

Hey @staff,

Here’re a few instructions:

Also, use your email ids, and set them as your primary email ids on Github.

This is how it looks with a verified commit. Neat, eh!

Also, a long explanation of why you should do this (I haven’t read it yet):

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Git settings for signing every commit:

$ git config --global user.signingkey
$ git config --global commit.gpgsign true

This is my current ~/.gitconfig:

	email =
	name = Manish R Jain
	signingkey = CD6EACA4
	default = simple
	gpgsign = true
	editor = vim
	l = log --format='%Cgreen [%h %G?] %Creset [%<(20,trunc)%ae] [%<(60,trunc)%s] %Cred [%>(13,trunc)%ar]'


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