Pre commit/push hooks

I did my research on this and would like to share it with you guys and get your advice on it.

As I had suspected, there is no direct way to have repository wide hooks. Git hooks are installed in .git/hooks directory. Even if we decide to centralize the code for hooks, we would have to make a hooks directory in the DGraph repository. Then each developer would have to symlink this directory with the .git/hooks directory on his machine.

I suggest we don’t need this for now. We could set up a pre-push hook on our individual machines. Pre-commit is also fine, but if you commit often and have small changes, you might not want to run the tests on every commit.

Setting up these hooks is a very easy.

You just have to make a file called pre-push inside your .git/hooks directory in your DGraph repo. Note the file is without any extension. Add the line

go test to it.
Make the file executable. And Tada you have the hook setup. Now every time you try to push tests will be automatically run.

Let me know what your thoughts @mrjn and @ashwin95r are.

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Sounds great! Simple and effective.

At some point, we’ll still need the Travis CI integration – but we can wait until v0.3 release. Think we already have a Trello card to track that task.

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Yes, we do have a card.

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