Move to GitHub Issues / Discussions

Looking at the response from your community at moving from GitHub issues to Discuss, it’s clear that your users hate this idea.

Since the move from GitHub to Discuss happened, GitHub Discussions rolled out to a ton of repos, so dgraph should have access to them now.

If you value your users, please move back to using GitHub issues. They are the standard way of working in open source. Discuss is not a viable alternative.

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Thank you, we will take that as an opinion.

The reality of the situation is we’re a startup, and we’re trying our best to provide support. Right now with resources stretched, the most effective way to foster a community would be through this forum. Perhaps one day when we have more resources we’ll move to github again.

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I’m not sure what being a startup has to do with this. The vast majority of startups use GitHub and don’t manage a separate forum. If anything, managing a separate Discuss forum would, I imagine, be more work.

I also think that a lot of people who would love to help and provide support would be doing so if you use GitHub. People have actually said that in the GitHub topic. GitHub is really useful because it’s the de facto standard for communication and collaboration for development.

There are many times I go on GitHub and help others out, contribute bugfixes, etc. Since Dgraph is not using it, my immediate reaction is “I guess I’m not going to be doing any of that then”. Others, as I’ve said, have said the same.

Is there some particular aspect of GitHub that you found particularly unmanageable which Discuss solved? I’m genuinely curious.

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Same though for me!
Found quite difficult to search for problem here on discus, then move to github to find reference code, and then back here to comment. And keep open discuss to keep update from issue. While github already done all of that!
+1 for moving back to Github issue

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