Proposal: more filter functions

I propose we have the following filter functions:

  • in - is a value of T in a [T]
  • intersect - what is the value of a [T] when intersected with a [T]

The first feature can be of course emulated by anyofterms . The latter however, requires a lot more work.

An example is in a many-to-many relations:

type Post {
    cat: [Cat]!
    content: String!

type Cat {
    posts: [Post] @hasInverse(field: cat)

type Interest {
    name: String!
    categories: [Cat]!

So if you want to get all Post given an Interest - the query in graphql looks something like this(it’s wrong):

query ($InterestName:String!) {
    queryPost (filter{????}){

Relevant: Filter on non-scalar fields or relations (Types) - #11 by abhimanyusinghgaur

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I suggested this too:

Between would be nice also: