Pydgraph - Mutation data is not return


I am using pydgraph and I run a mutation using txn.mutate
I get a result but it is missing the data

txn {
  start_ts: 560306
  commit_ts: 560307
  preds: ""
latency {
  parsing_ns: 160524
  processing_ns: 4477599
  assign_timestamp_ns: 1014877
  total_ns: 5808752
uids {
  key: "usr"
  value: "0x249f3"

If I compare it to the Ratel:

You can see that the data contains a code and a message.
Can you add it please to the SDK?

Hi @spinelsun
I believe the code is used to detect exception by the pydgraph client. If an exception is found, it is thrown. You can use a try catch block, like the one below, to see the exact exception. You don’t need to process the code and message by yourself.

    print(" error:", sys.exc_info()[0])