Python primer test on dgraph

Ok so i got the dgraph setup in an AWS test instance and ratel working fine connecting to it.
I wrote a simple python script and referred to the easiest example i can find :slight_smile:

from pydgraph.client import DgraphClient

g_Host = “”

def AddData () :

dg_client = DgraphClient(g_Host, 8080)

response = dg_client.query("""mutation
            <alice> <name> \"Alice\" .
            <greg> <name> \"Greg\" .
            <alice> <follows> <greg> .

        me(_xid_: alice)
                name _xid_


if name == “main” :

—> But it gave an error and i do not know how to proceed from here

grpc.framework.interfaces.face.face.AbortionError: AbortionError(code=StatusCode.UNAVAILABLE, details="")

This example would not work as query and mutation need to be separate operations.

There is a pending PR for pydgraph at which should be merged soon by @gpahal. The PR would also add examples.

The example are taken from :

Update on docs would be useful for new comers.

Sure, once the PR is merged we will update the docs here as well.

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