Why is pypandoc a build requirement?

Moved from GitHub pydgraph/82

Posted by robin-snt:

This line is now causing errors in the build process of the software I manage that has pydgraph as a dependency!

I’m wondering if there’s something I can change on my end or if I need to request a change to your setup.py file.

On my end I’m doing:

devpi upload --no-vcs --formats=bdist_wheel

This seems to trigger the code in the setup.py of pydgraph.
Is it possible for you to correctly format your code without causing errors for users of your package?

martinmr commented :

Fixed by #81

robin-snt commented :

Can you please reopen this issue, as #81 only solves the compatibility issue with Python 3.6+. The check on sys.argv (pydgraph/setup.py at 3fab5e2a2807fc57cb9cf88d71c13ca444fa687f · dgraph-io/pydgraph · GitHub) makes the problem persist whenever I want to build my own package with bdist_wheel and my package has pydgraph as its dependency.

martinmr commented :

ok. I’ll remove this if statement entirely since it’s not doing anything very important. Expect a new release today.

martinmr commented :

Just released pydgraph 2.0.2 which does not throw errors when pypandoc is not found.