Query, Delete and Set in one operation

Is it possible to make an upsert with a delete in the middle?
Something like:

upsert {
  query {
    list as var(func: eq(xid, 'ID1'))
    item as var(func: eq(xid, 'ID2'))

  mutation {
    delete {
      uid(list) <items> *  . 
    set {
      uid(list) <items> uid(item)  . 

Doing this in a single operation may not have a well defined behaviour. Not a good idea, technically, it should not fail but final output is not guaranteed to be the same.

The reason I asked is that if I run the delete first and the upsert later, and the upsert fails, my data gets corrupted.

I understand dgraph does not include the concept of scalable “transactions” that can include multiple sequences of interspersed queries and mutations inside them and are run either-all-or-nothing. Is this correct?

We do have client side transactions. You can use a transaction to do the delete, followed by update and after that, commit the transaction. You’ll get exactly what you want. Let us know if you need more help.

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Thanks for the answer. I am using js-dgraph.

I am not sure how would I bunch the delete and the upsert transactions into one atomic safe “client side” transaction. Any guideline is useful actually :slight_smile: .

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