The upsert and delete method in dgraph-js-http

I didn’t find the upsert and delete method in dgraph-js-http:

export declare class Txn {
    private readonly dc;
    private readonly ctx;
    private finished;
    private mutated;
    constructor(dc: DgraphClient, options?: TxnOptions);
    query(q: string, options?: {
        debug?: boolean;
    }): Promise<Response>;
    queryWithVars(q: string, vars?: {
        [k: string]: any;
    }, options?: {
        debug?: boolean;
    }): Promise<Response>;
    mutate(mu: Mutation): Promise<Assigned>;
    commit(): Promise<void>;
    discard(): Promise<void>;
    private mergeArrays;
    private mergeContext;

There isn’t one.

Try this

so the mutate method can run the delete command too ?

Yes, instead of set you gonna use the “delete” keyword.