Raphael's update Jan'23

It’s the perfect time to keep the good resolutions. Isn’t it?
I made our roadmap work public in the form of a Github project at
Feature Requests - PM RoadMap

We favor enhancement and feature requests which help us to …

  • Be THE obvious Enterprise Graph Database

    • Guarantee data integrity and security, integrate with IT tools and practices.

    • Double down on performance and unparalleled horizontal scalability

    • Enforce product qualities : Operability, Usability,Reliability, Interoperability, Maintainability

  • Serve data engineers as well as application developers

    • Support a wide range of graph use cases at the enterprise scale
      (opportunity/threat detection, recommendation engine, data, meta-data and knowledge management, OWL reasoning, AI …)
    • Be the go-to backend for application developers implementing GraphQL APIs
  • Support innovation and open source

    • Stay open and extensible for innovators building solutions on top of Dgraph.

The roadmap is using a simplified “time horizon” now, next, later with the intent to cover a year. It is a visual and public way to present a theme-based structure of our current, near-term, and future plans. It answers the following questions:

  • What are we doing?
  • Why are we doing it?

How and when we will be releasing features will be communicated later by the development team.

The current themes are

  • DQL
  • GraphQL & Lambda
  • DQL, GraphQL interoperabiliy
  • Enterprise features
  • Core (Qualities)
  • Data loading and connectivity

We have started the prioritization work with the requests from v21.12 and we have now 64 other requests to evaluate.
Once again, thank you to all the contributors pushing their ideas, requests, market analysis… It’s obviously a work in progress which is largely influenced by the community, so feel free to contact me @raphael on Discuss

and all the best for 2023 !


Keeping the good resolution is very well appreciated, @Raphael. Looking through the roadmap, I’m surprised this (Feature Request - GraphQL Nested Filters · Issue #8172 · dgraph-io/dgraph · GitHub) isn’t prioritised.


We are working on prioritizing all requests that were not implemented in v21.12 this week and the week after.
I have not setup a voting system yet but your feedback is already an indication. Thanks.


@Raphael please also consider to pull this merge request into the next release: Make backup-restore open source by ahsanbarkati · Pull Request #8067 · dgraph-io/dgraph · GitHub

It is part of v21.12 but not v22.0. Without this merge request backups are very cumbersome.

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Any estimate on the next Dgraph Cloud Version Update?


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