Raphael's update - Nov'22

It has been over a month since I joined Dgraph. Listening to the community advice, I wanted to give a short update about what I’m up to.
First I want to share my excitement to join Dgraph as director of product.
I spent last month reading all the invaluable contributions of the community on Discuss, discovering the hot topics, the roadmap suggestions (thanks Jeremy), the different threads about the good, the bad and the ugly and the Github feature requests. It helped me consolidate a good backlog of features covering Dgraph core, DQL, GraphQL, lambdas, enterprise features, access control, etc.
I’m now in the process of prioritizing the work by getting all the stakeholders input.
I also spent a lot of time learning. I had prior experience using Dgraph and DQL as I worked on converting plain english questions into DQL for a project involving natural language access to a knowledge base. But I still had and have a lot to learn. I went through the hands-on of our documentation and some of the material created by the community (thanks to Anthony for his ‘putting-it-all-together’ series which helped me understand the auth directive better).
I also connected with my new family as a lot of our current initiatives involve engineering, operations, documentation, marketing, sales and community.
What has been done on the PM side : we have initiated project steering committee meetings and started working in subgroups on different topics. As mentioned we have finalized a curated list of feature requests and we are working at putting all those on a time horizon to have a solid roadmap. We have clarified Dgraph user personae and customer profiles. We have started the work to improve the documentation and make sure the different personae have a great experience. I let my friends from engineering share what they are at, but definitely a lot of work is going on.
Dgraph community is full of passion and talent. The feedback helps us tremendously, it has already impacted the way we work, our product backlog, and I expect more visible impacts in the near future. The goal is to shape Dgraph together with the community, our customers and partners.
I’ll try to share updates regularly.


Are those openly published?


Will be great if it can be shared openly, or are these features tracked on github?

@rahst12 @iyinoluwaayoola for the moment I started the feature map in JIRA and it’s private. I agree that I have to share a public version and I’m currently seeing how we can use Github Projects. That would be better integrated with our repos and with the submitted issues for Feature Request. Github actions will also probably make our life easier by automating some updates. Working on it…


Hi @Raphael :wave:

This is my user (Jeremy)

Also regarding tying certain roadmap requests etc together do take a glance at https://windmill.dev or the recently released Retool workflows. (could be handy for these kind of things).

@Raphael , compliments. It’s been a while now. Can you now share the roadmap for the coming months? I need this asap for my planning and expectation management in general. I’m sure others do too.

It is surely due ! @iyinoluwaayoola

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