Ratel predicate capactiy

Hi, my dgraph was installed at machine,and got the disk capactiy
from the ratel, I got the predicate capactiy

3.3T+1.5T>2.9T, How did dgraph calculate the capacity

Hey @Willem520, would you mind to share the values you have at <alphaurl:8080>/state? Just to confirm if its a bug in Ratel or not.


Hi @MichelDiz,this is the newest info
the machine
the ratel

/state endpoint

Thanks for the info @Willem520

Yep, that feels like a bug.
It is not in Ratel tho.

Maybe this is the “available space” instead? @paulftw @Paras. @ibrahim

This looks like a bug. @Willem520 can you check how big are the .sst files in your p directory (this is the directory used while starting alpha dgraph alpha -p $dir). What’s the biggest SST file you have in your p directory?

gid and md5id belong to group 2. the p directory is

There’s something wrong with the tablet size calculation. @Willem520 can you please create an issue on https://github.com/dgraph-io/dgraph/issues with all the information you have? I’ll investigate this issue.

Ok,this is the issue https://github.com/dgraph-io/dgraph/issues/5408

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