Dgraph Ratel not working in 20.11.2

Latest version installed via curl.

dgraph alpha and dgraph zero started, schema is posted.

When I open dgraph-ratel on :8000 I see all predicates:

When I click on a predicate, the react app crashes:

And finally dgraph gives this output when opening ratel on :8000

I0318 12:25:36.643859   27244 server.go:1387] Got Login request from: "[::1]:35828"
E0318 12:25:36.645066   27244 access_ee.go:79] Authentication from address [::1]:35828 failed: unable to authenticate: invalid username or password

Are you using ACL?

PS. I’m using Ratel with master(which is something like 21.xx.x) and it is running just fine. Maybe it is another issue. Presumably ACL.

No, I’m not using ACL. I’ll try to dig deeper and find the root cause. Could this be schema-dependant?

This looks similar to this Ratel crashes with a blank screen when clicking schema Predicate or Samples & Statistics

If you have some news please share details on how to reproduce it.