Ratel ui: alter tab lost

I remember that there was a Alter tab in top left, which can be used to set scheme, but today I can’t find it .
Can someone tell me why?

It was decided to remove it. Due to redundancy. You can use curl tho.


What a pity. So, right now I can use custom tokenizer only by curl and ratel is useless. :/.

Well, can you show why Ratel don’t fulfill your needs? you can normally edit Schema via Ratel.

Yes, of course.
I start dGraph with --custom_tokenizers=/dgraph/plugins/nfd.so
I would like to create new predicate in ratel someting like text.value: string @index(term,nfd) . but ratel does not offer me nfd index option.

We’ve just released a new feature in the Schema page - click the “Schema File” button and then the “Text editor + Apply Schema” act exactly as the Alter tab.

For advanced uses curl will always be more powerful than Ratel UI.

We should create a bug and add support for custom tokenizers in Ratel too. I didn’t know about that feature.


Was this taken away again? I don’t see Altertab nor “Schema File” button and then the “Text editor + Apply Schema”… I’m using version:

Built at 2020-06-17T15:16:21.698Z
Commit: 2cdc64b
Commit Info: 2cdc64b Wed Jun 17 18:15:46 2020 +0300 (HEAD -> master)

Go to Schema panel and then you can use “bulk edit” to push your schema as you would do in Alter tab.