Tour still tells users to use the now deprecated Alter tab in Ratel

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Posted by paulftw:

Haven’t checked the latest tour to confirm that, but a user reported that tour is still mentioning the Alter tab in Ratel.
See discussion here: [Missing] Console Alter tab not exists any more · Issue #143 · dgraph-io/ratel · GitHub

MichelDiz commented :

There are none references to Ratel’s old Alter tab. Neither in 1.0.16, 1.1.0 or Master. I have checked the whole repo.

The only reference is in*/schema/1/, but it can’t lead users to the old tab.
And also there is only this reference for Ratel

Or comments like

You’re able to do that through our clients, cURL or Ratel UI.

Or notices like

{{% notice “note” %}}
Note that Schema changes are made via Alter operations only. All clients have an operation for Mutate, Query and Alter.
{{% /notice %}}

Maybe He is reading old documentation while using the Tour. I see a lot of users for some reason (maybe Google’s search engine) using older documentation. This can lead to confusion.