for individual modules

Dgraph is very modular. Adding (just a few lines on how this module fits into the big picture) will help developers make informed decisions.

Each module as of now is small. It will also remind people what the module is supposed to do and the code that goes into it.

We need a doc.go in each module, which would contain a long comment about what the package is supposed to do. This then gets picked up nicely by godoc.

I wonder if this is something we could offload to community or is this something @core-devs must absolutely do. Ideally the dev team should do this, but our previous attempts to get to this (or mine specifically) have just bitten dust. So, would be great to get some help from the community.


My thinking is that since it’s a complex project, some initial documentation must be done by @minions.It might be a bit difficult for people not familiar with the code to write documentation for it. Then the community can chip in and make additions to it wherever necessary.


We already have some comments in between files which act as examples, especially in the posting directory. We could move such comments into the doc.go

As long as it remains coherent. But, the idea is to write good quality documentation from scratch.

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