Realtime streaming writing performence is so bad

Hi,team. I used Dgraph v20.03.1 in production. and the total of uid is 270000.
but whe the program run a week. it cost to many memory(about 59G) and cores(16).
is it normal?

Hi @Willem520

Can you share more about your setup? How many clusters of Alphas and Zeroes? How are your adding your data to the database? Liveloader? Bulkloader? Mutations?

Hi,I had 3 zeroes, 6 alphas, 3 replicas. the data would be consumered from kafka and mutate the database.

Try the latest master.

@Willem520 if you need help with the latest master, let me know. We can schedule a call and I’ll walk you thru how to build it. The latest master branch has all sorts of memory allocation fixes, so it’s worth trying it.

thank you.