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Posted by paulftw:

Implement proper Redux in FrameItem

Currently GraphContainer is a container, FrameItem is not.
However, FrameItem is doing query execution and processing, storing it all in internal state (not redux).

Apart from violating ‘pure redux’ conventions this introduces several problems:

  • child components depend on parent to do logic for them
  • changing behaviour is not obvious: FrameItem has to be updated to add any new feature
  • it’s hard to find where certain logic is - it’s not always in reducers and fetch results are not in store

Overall this problem slows down development

paulftw commented :

FrameSession is immediate child of FrameItem and does redux-style state management ops, FrameItem does fetching of queries but stores everything in the state.

paulftw commented :

Approximate steps to fix:

  1. make FrameItem connected
  2. Move Frameitem state into redux store
  3. make FrameSession presentational - disconnect FrameSession and move its dispatchers into FrameItem
  4. maybe find entirely new home for FrameItem logic
  5. ???
  6. Profit!

paulftw commented :

Extra task:

In FrameLayout.js there’s changeCollapseState function. It dispatches an action, but also emits callbacks.
It has a logic block: if I’m dispatching “collapse frame” - do collapse callback. If I’m dispatching “expand frame” - do a callback that will fetch a query.

There are multiple anti patterns in this code:

  • doing logic in dispatcher,
  • frame fetching being imperative not declarative,
  • FrameItem is stateful and that state is managed by external, often child, components.

fix: make FrameItem self contained and reactive to prop changes. it must be a state machine controlled by changing props or redux store.

paulftw commented :

Extra ^ 2:

FrameItem is single component for query frames, mutation frames, alter frames. and error messages.
With inheritance pattern it can be broken down into multiple simpler independent components.