Reinventing Organizations

I tried to go through it a bit more y’day and today. Still find it a bit philosophical. People coming together to make decisions consensually, no structure, just fluid teams, and roles. I don’t see how it might work. In fact, Buffer guys tried it and gave up on it 6 months later.

I find The Decision Maker and Joy at Work by Dennis Bakke lot more practical and applicable to small and large companies. In fact, I can think of many situations I’ve personally been through where using distributed decision making would have made a significant positive impact, but were marred by indifferent and overloaded managers.

I gave up on the book midway. If one of you guys find it interesting, would like to hear your thoughts on the book.

I’m still a bit behind in my reading and working on catching up. Would love to get to this soon. I’ve a habit of starting a new book while reading another so wouldn’t mind getting a peek at this. Possible to send to my kindle?

@koppula I bought it from Amazon. You’ll have to do the same.