Release notes v0.8.1

Here is the diff


  • Ability to sort by facets.
    - Todo add docs.
  • Support for checkpointing in Dgraphloader.
    - Mention in docs.
  • Allow aggregations at the top level of the query.
    - Add example to docs.



  • Optimizations in JSON encoding so that it uses lesser memory (157x) and is faster (512x).
  • Optimize Inequality filters. Fetch data keys directly and compare if their count is less than the number of index keys to be fetched.
  • Return JSON results in the same order as the query.
  • Get rid of sync.Pool in postings which stabilizes memory used by the Dgraph process.
  • Compress posting lists using bit packing and delta encoding with simd instructions so that it uses lesser memory.



  • It’s mandatory to specify the type of the tokenizer while specifying an index in the schema.
  • Renamed dateTime tokenizer to year.
    - TODO - Mention in docs.
  • It’s mandatory to specify the memory_mb flag while starting Dgraph.
    - TODO - Mention in docs.
  • JSON response is nested under data and errors key in accordance with the GraphQL spec.


  • Return count even if it’s zero. (#1212)
  • uid_in function should accept hexidecimal for uid. (#1204)
  • Dgraphloader should allow spaces between comma separated files. (#1209)
  • Fix bug when using variables in mutations. (#1217)
  • Disallow repeated arguments. (#1223)
  • Fix bad memory usage while serializing to JSON. (#982, #1138, #1227)
  • Ensure variables for sorting is a value variable. (#1235)
  • Clear out struct given in client.Unmarshal before unmarshalling response using the Go client. (#1216)
  • Fix Maximum call stack size exceeded error on UI. (#1201)
  • Delete reverse edge when doing S P * deletion. (#1271)
  • Panic runtime error. (#1284)
  • Count index not updated after schema update. (#1247)
  • Slow start in embedded mode. (#1246)
  • Throw an error if a variable is used before definition. (#1322)
  • Throw an error if NQuads are not separated by a newline. (#1320)
  • Limit number of results returned as part of @normalize. (#1268)
  • Double click on web UI cyclic graph causes an infinite loop. (#1302)
  • Incorrect function behaviour when language is not specified. (#1295)
  • Stop storing responses in Dgraph browser. Fix localStorage quota reached error. (#981)

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