Releasing v0.4.4 this Thursday

This topic is mainly to discuss what features could go in if we decide to do a release this Thursday.

These are the changes to master since v0.4.3.

  1. Features
  • Fragments - I remember @jchiu mentioning in the weekly meeting that fragments isn’t fully complete because we don’t allow inline fragments yet. Do we wan’t to do that now or leave that for later? Maybe if can’t do it now, we can add a TODO in the code if not already and a task on Asana.
  • Variables - @ashwin95r do you think this can go in?
  • Filter - @jchiu is working on this.
  • Basic Schema and type coercion in response - @akhiltak do you think we could have this?
  1. Improvements
  • Better JSON response.
  • Stricter parsing for rdf NQuads.

Feel free to add something that I might have missed.


I think both filter and basic schema need work. Fragments, variables, and other improvements can make the basis for this release. Including the predicate work, you added to allow for shard movements. Given the general idea that we should be releasing one feature per release and we have two, I think we’re good for a release.

Also, @ashwin95r’s change to accurately figure out the RAM usage – this would really help with the loader. @ashwin95r: Can you add another task for yourself to do this for Mac? If you can get it out and reviewed by tomorrow, we should be able to push it in the release.

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Yeah, gql-variable is almost ready. So, we could have it for this week.

Yeah, I’m looking at how we can do this for mac.

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