Resolving updateGQLSchema failed because input: No schema specified

trying to follow the GraphQL quickstart guide

I’m getting an error at step 2 already:

curl -X POST localhost:8080/admin/schema --data-binary '@schema.graphql'
Warning: Couldn't read data from file "schema.graphql", this makes an empty 
Warning: POST.
{"errors":[{"message":"resolving updateGQLSchema failed because input: No schema specified (Locations: [{Line: 3, Column: 4}])","extensions":{"code":"Error"}}]}

I installed dgraph by shell script.

Unrelated concern. Apparently some 1 month enterprise trial is active without me having asked for it. I would hate to find out that basic features like ACL are behind a paywall/subscription after this month passed. I want to like what you’ve built, but I’m always getting BIG RED DANGER impulses from it. A relationship that is open and honest feels different. I feel like I’m jumping through some arbitrary hoops just like I would when browsing one of the local comtech companies’ websites (e.g. Telekom) trying to navigate through their jungle of offers and special cases, while they’re trying to sell me something I can probably get cheaper and more reliable elsewhere.
I think I will uninstall dgraph again and look into maybe Rust with the juniper lib or not use GraphQL at all, like I used to. I figured since you were advertising dgraph as a hassle-free way to have “GraphQL” I’d see what changed since my last visit. See you again in a few years maybe.

What does your schema.graphql file look like? You can try Slash GrqphQL which handles all of the deployment.

Hi @dalu, it seems like you have specified schema file at a different location and you are firing schema request from somewhere else.