Restore emacs navigation shortcuts in Slash Graphql and Ratel editor

All browsers comes with emacs shortcuts in textboxes. The current Slash GraphQL editor (Ratel too) doesn’t support the basic shortcuts that is standard. e.g., I cannot press C-e to jump to the end of the line and C-a to jump to the front of the line.

Try this in the Discuss textbox, it works. This has been a default feature for textboxes for more than 20 years… please don’t break it. You can keep C-c, C-x and C-v for copy, cut and paste. That’s fine.

This already works on mac, where cmd-c,x,v is used for the copy/paste and ctrl-a,e moves to the start and end of lines.

These buttons are already bound to different defaults on browsers, (select-all and jump to bar respectively), so I don’t want to go away from convention, especially because select all will be used ofter

ok. I thought it was default behaviour in all browser text boxes (well, it is in the ones I tried (and even the basic <textarea> in vanilla HTML also has the emacs shortcuts)).

But I agree, if it interferes with other conventions built in natively in browsers then this would be a feature added, rather than a feature restored.