Reusable modules

Has there been any consideration for creating a simple and modular way to distribute a set schema + lambda?. This will allow the community to extend the functionality of Slash Graphql with all sorts of things. Imaging something like Stripe integration module were the user only needs to upload a zip, give the link to a repo, or better yet, click install in the admin. :heart_eyes:


What a wonderful idea. I’d imagine people being able to share snippets of their schemas.

cc @hardik let’s put this on some list


Isn’t this already available with Slash CLI? You just have to chain commands together. I guess the commands could be chained together internally.

I think what was meant is a repository of commonly used schema types/fields and their respective lambda functions.

Here’s an example:

Imagine this schema being in a community repository for mardownifying text:

type MD {
    id: ID!
    raw: String!
    cooked: String

type Mutation {
    newMD(raw: String): ID! @lambda

and then some JavaScript function that markdownifies a raw string…

Then if I want to have markdown, I just click install and I can do this in my own schema:

type Post {
    id: ID!
    user: ...
    md: MD # "imported"

What a world would that be!

This would also allow us to optimize lambda functions by providing high performance kernels for frequently used lambda functions.

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@chewxy exactly!, if there was a standardized module format and tools for distribution and discovery (Slash APIs), I believe even more complex functionality could be shared.

What world would that be indeed! :heart_eyes:

Let me take this up for the roadmap discussion

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That would be also nice for auth rules. Once you you created some (generic) rules, you import them in any of your projects :slight_smile: