Collaboration on Schema in Slash

When two devs are working different parts of the schema, is there any way to update just a type of a schema without the entire schema? I am worried that we will start overwriting each others schema updates if we are working on it together.

  • Git hooks integration, to read the schema file from GitHub.
  • Live editor, like Google Docs.

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Well, it happened, I am working on fine tuning @auth directives and the other member of the team was working on some integration services and low and behold my rule disappeared. Can’t blame my team though, how are they suppose to know that I am editing the schema the same exact time they are.

Pssssst: You didn’t hear this from me:

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We are also working on schema versioning in Slash GraphQL itself. This should come out by mid september


Heard it loud and clear!

But I heard it and I am telling everyone!!

You created it in 3 days, damnn, that too on weekend!. :sweat_smile:

P.S. This is the 3rd option, I couldn’t even anticipate in the above Poll.

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Ha Ha. Standing on the shoulders of giants here.

This is built with The Open CLI Framework, an amazing framework from the awesome team at Heroku.


So… anybody here have any experience writing a git hook? I would like a pre-push hook that takes the schema and sends it to slash with the CLI. This should be possible, but I have no experience creating these git hooks. Jus trying to get someone else to do my homework, I’ll admit, lol.


I know about husky npm package.

You can add a script to your package json which invokes slash-graphql-cli commands, pre or post commit.

Anything more is beyond me.:sweat_smile:

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