Run Jepsen tests - Howto

  1. Clone the jepsen repo at

    git clone [email protected]:jepsen-io/jepsen.git
  2. Run the following command to setup the instances from the repo.

    cd docker && ./

This should start 5 jepsen nodes in docker containers.

  1. Now ssh into jepsen-control container and run the tests.
Note You can use the transfer script to build the Dgraph binary and upload the tarball to, which gives you a url that can then be used in the Jepsen tests (using –package-url flag).
docker exec -it jepsen-control bash
[email protected]:/jepsen# cd dgraph
[email protected]:/jepsen/dgraph# lein run test -w upsert
# Specify a --package-url
[email protected]:/jepsen/dgraph# lein run test --force-download --package-url -w upsert

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