Running dGraph on AWS Lambda or Fargate

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What I want to do

Two goals:

  1. I want to run Dgraph in a serverless fashion, either on AWS Fargate or Lambda (I need downward scalability because we have very few users at this point)

  2. I want to integrate Dgraph into our CI/CD workflow using Github Actions

What I did

Aggressively googled for tutorials on how to do the above. The only option I found was deploying on AWS EKS, which bottoms out at about $60/month and which requires too much manual management.

Note: I would be willing to run Slash GraphQL if there was any way to integrate it with our CI/CD, but from what I can tell, the only way to manage it is by posting the schema directly.

You can use Dgraph Cloud and apply your schema updates and send queries all programmatically.

Schema updates: