Schema building taking too much time after upgrading to 1.2.6

Hey guys,

We have been using dgraph v1.2.5 and everything was working fine. But when we upgraded to v1.2.6 schema building started taking too much time. We are seeing lots of following messages in logs:

I1007 10:40:01.941599   64833 log.go:34] Dropping prefix at level 1 (1 tableGroups)

Note: We have huge database, for small databases its working fine

Hi @muhammadbilal

Wondering if you can try Dgraph v1.2.7 - it’s the latest release of the 1.2.x series. Speaking of which, 1.2.x will come to end of life in January. Perhaps you should upgrade to something newer?

Hey @chewxy, sorry I forgot to mention we have already tried v1.2.7 and its having the same issue. v1.2.8 is a pre-release so we havent tried it yet.

Regarding upgrade to newer versions like 20.03.x, do you guys have any migration guide for upgrading 1.2.x to 20.03.x?

Thanks for replying, really appreciate.