Upgrade to 1.2.X or 20.0.X?

We have been using DGraph v1.1.1 on our app for some time and have not upgraded to prevent having to touch the queries and mutation as its not our current priority.

Now we probably stumble upon a bug on that version that makes the @filter option fail and need to upgrade.

My question is, taking into account that our queries and mutation are prepared for v1.1.1, which version should we upgrade to and what kind of reactors can we expect to be needed on our code for each of them?

I guess this question can be useful for others as going over the whole release logs is very hard.


I think I’m in a similar situation you’re in. I migrated my schema to use the type system, and now am waiting for v20.07beta, where facet responses are updated (so they work like in v1.1). Dgraph 1.2 and 20.03 uses changed facet responses.

Other than that, the transition should go smoothly. I think there was one dgo change of response type, which should be simple. I tested my logic from v1.1 on v20.03 and it just mostly worked, except for facets.

There was also a change of expand(_*_) queries, as can be seen here.

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