@secret didn't support upsert in graphql?

Hello, is @secret didn’t support upsert yet? when I use upsert to updated my data in bulk, it return a error with message that Object of type “AddUserInput” is missing required field “pwd”.

I know when I use upsert to ADD data, this message is in the right place. but I only want to update my data with upsert. It shouldn’t give me that error.


The term upsert in this context means, update or insert. The type check makes sure everything needed for an insert (add) is present, but you must have the field “pwd” as required, hence the error.

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Hello, I read the docs but found no way to update the database in batch using Graphql.

using upsert to update the array, I only need provide a modified array which each element has a field with @id . and we put this modified array as variable to grapql query, then each element(row) of the array will apply to the database.

{id:“x001”,field1: “value1”, field3:“modified value3”}
{id:“x002”,filed1: “modified value2”, “field3”:“value3”}


have some one have a solution for this? thanks.

You have to split the inputs into separate objects and then use multiple update operations and alias each operation with a unique name in one mutation. Or script it back to back with mutations.