Slash GraphQL Release February 25th 2021

Hi All,

We did a release of Slash GraphQL Today.

Release Name: Honour yourself with Slash :medal_sports:


  • Optimizations are done around the dashboard page to decrease the load latency
  • Some customizations have been added to API Explorer to enhance the user experience
  • A few bugs were fixed too

My slash backend isn’t working after this push. Nothing in API explorer, data visualizer hangs querying types, and gql client is throwing errors: Connection was not upgraded to websocket.

Can you please open an issue? so the Slash team can take a look.

Also, if this is happening just with you. Try to clean up all caches of your browser. Or use another browser, for now, to verify if it is a cache problem.

But you say that the gql client gave an error. So please open an issue so we have a ticket to track it.


Hm I thought this might affect everyone, but it seems like it was isolated to my instance…it was happening across 3 devices for several hours, but seemed to resolve itself yesterday afternoon so hard to track :man_shrugging: