Slash GraphQL Release January 15th 2021

Hi All,

We did a release of Slash GraphQL Today.

Release Name: Slash Visualizer :mag:


  • We have tried to reimagine the way how we generate GraphQL queries. Data Visualiser brings you data first experience. You can not view your data and capture it with a GraphQL query in one single click. Soon we will be adding more controls like filtering & search.
  • We have added a new region AWS US East (North Virginia) to our backend.
  • If you are out of trial period and not on a Paid Plan, your deployments will now be Rate Limited to 1MB data transfer per day, to enjoy uninterrupted service, please upgrade to our Paid Plan.
  • Now backend name is optional, try creating backends without specifying a name to get backends with exiting names.
  • Few UI enhancements were done.
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The Data Visualizer is a nice addition. It seems that there is no respect for auth rules so I am assuming that it is built using DQL instead. This to me is not an issue because anyone who has access to the Slash dashboard would be able to get access to the data even if they just had to change the rules in the schema. Just thought that this point should be clarified. The generated GraphQL query is a nice feature and I could see it’s uses. This tool gives the feel of being in the driver seat over my data and reminds me of opening MySQL tables and just looking at the data. The feature to drill down from edges is also nice. Over time this will be a useful tools as a few more options are added to increase the UX. :+1:

I still can’t ctrl + a, ctrl + c, or ctrl + v though which usually drives me to open GraphQL Playground instead of using the GraphiQL built into the dashboard.