Slash GraphQL Release July 28 2020

Hi All,

We have just finished the July 28th Release for Slash GraphQL. This release has a bunch of features that you all have asked for, and a few bug fixes too.

Release Name: The great gRPC


Also a few bugs were squashed

  • You should no longer see the ‘schema not defined’ error if you run a query after a long time

There was a window during the deploy during which introspection queries stopped working. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. We have added introspections to our regression suite.



thanks @gja! Does this also allow me to use live loader? I think it just needs the mutate endpoint access right?

We are working on getting live loader to work. Mostly, it’s a matter of passing the correct auth tokens to the alpha and zero GRPC connections in the live loader.

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This should work soon…ish. We actually have a PR for dgraph for this, it should get merged soon.