Some nodes are not displaying

(Ami Pandat) #1

Here it is showing in green color node(n) but there is no node of green color on the screen.

(Michel Conrado) #2

Show the JSON result pls.

(Ami Pandat) #3

(Michel Conrado) #4

That must be a visual bug. You have only one node the visual are right, But the legend that shows a green node is confusing. @paulftw

But anyway, It’s all right.

(Ami Pandat) #5

I have observed that when I click on expand then and only it is displaying.

(Michel Conrado) #6

It only expands if there’s children nodes.

(Ami Pandat) #7

But if my query returns children nodes then it should get displayed. I think…!

(Michel Conrado) #8

Yeah, but it’s not the case. Expands works in case your first query didn’t asked for child nodes. That is, expand is a feature that gives you the possibility to extend your query based on visual representation.

(Ami Pandat) #9

hmm okay …Then this is not the case here… Got it…Thanks!

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