Ratel "Expand remaining n Nodes" does not expand nodes

I run a query in ratel… I see two notes:

  • “Only a subset of the graph was rendered. Expand remaining 73 nodes.”
  • “Showing 137 nodes (73 hidden) and 195 edges”

I click Expand. Nothing happens.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Chrome Version: 107
Edge Version: 107

Ratel Version:
Built at 2021-05-14T16:42:20.755Z
Commit: 64bd6e8
Commit Info: 64bd6e8 Fri May 14 08:54:27 2021 -0700 (HEAD → master, tag: v21.03.0, origin/master, origin/HEAD)


I’ve found if you click it a few times they start showing up. I think with complex queries there’s some inner structure it has to run through before it starts hitting the new nodes.

I have Dev Tools up… When I click expand I don’t see any network calls being made.

I don’t think it is network related but client side js iirc

Ahhhh like all the data is brought back to the browser, the client-side js just is limiting the rendering of it…

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