Status(StatusCode=Unavailable, Detail="Empty update")

Hope you all stay safe.
We have deployed the Dgraph version 20.07.3 using Helm charts (version 14)
So we have configured the TLS using the command
$ helm install my-release --values tls/secrets.yaml --values alpha-tls-config.yaml

we generated this certificate using the default script for that chart version.

Coming to the code part, we are using the Dgraph .net client (version 0.7.0), and we are trying to access the dgraph from the code using TLS configured, now the connection with client is happening but when we are executing any query using the same .net client we are getting exception :
“Status(StatusCode=Unavailable, Detail=“Empty update”)” and other exception like " at FluentResults.ValueResultBase`2.get_Value()
at DGraphConsole.DGraphClient.DGraphClient.d__6.MoveNext() in D:\visur\projects\dgraph-console\DGraphClient\DGraphClient.cs:line 244".