Suggestion: include common use cases in the doc

I’m really interested in graph databases and dgraph. However, like other evaluators, I’m struggling with old relational database habits.

Right now I’m struggling with designing a schema for basic stuff.

I’m suggesting adding “examples” to the doc. I can think of:

  • identity + owning assets (blog posts, tweets…)
  • identity and access management
  • social network: likes
  • recommendation engine

If existing customers could share their use case and schema, that would be awesome also!

That would be a great addition to the already great documentation.

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We do have a couple of blog posts about recommendation engines at

Also, you might find the blog post and the code for GraphOverflow that we built useful.

I’ll recommend creating a Github issue with this request and we’ll get to it as soon as we have some more bandwidth on our hands.

Cool, thanks!

May I suggest mentioning them in the doc?

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