Swift Client?

Hi, I joined the demo call last week and the topic about a missing native client for all Apple related devices came up. I know there is a HTTP client that can be used in this case but a native implementation would be great.
Is there any plans on doing such thing?

IMHO I think the answer for this question is just like this one How to execute dgraph API in react-native app - #2 by MichelDiz

Dgraph is a DB where the whole data of your business will be. So, in general, we don’t give direct access to users. Dgraph can’t work as “embedded like” DBs like SQLite for example.

@MichelDiz But we do support clients like dgo, pydgraph etc. I was wondering what’s the difference and why can’t we support another client?

Those clients are “server side” based. Swift lang is towards to macOS ecosystem that rarely has a serve-side and almost always aimed at smartphones and other gadgets. Although we support macOS, it doesn’t make sense to have a Swift client. In my opinion.

Dgraph don’t run on smartphones, or Apple watch, Apple TV. All those clients should communicate via API like GraphQL/Slash or some minimum REST API. The only thing I think a smartphone could do is to monitor Dgraph. Having direct access to it. But that would be exclusive to the administrator.

We should have clients like “PHP” for example (And I don’t like to use), which run on a large part of the internet. Things like “Blogs”, e-commerce and so on. Runs on PHP.

I’m not saying that we can’t have a Swift client, but that doesn’t make sense.


Thanks for helping me understand the difference.